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            Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to investigate the illegal production capacity of enterprises


            • Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 24, November 23rd, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, listen to the coal industry to production of steel this year to complete the basic work of the task report, decided to send the State Council investigation team of individual enterprises and severely punish illegal acts; decided to cancel a number of occupation qualification licensing and approval, more convenient employment; through the "People's Republic of China Anti Unfair Competition Law (Revised Draft)" to promote, improve things in the post regulation.
              Conference pointed out that, in accordance with the deployment decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, to focus on promoting the coal industry for iron and steel production capacity, the supply side is to deepen the structural reform, the implementation of the "three important content to drop a" task. Since this year, all localities and departments to strengthen the responsibility, as a positive, strict control of new capacity, the dematerialization of production, the central government to increase support for the reorientation of workers resettlement funds, the annual coal iron and steel industry to resolve the elimination of backward production capacity surplus basically completed the task, not only ahead of time, but also focus on coordination and promotion, is not easy, should be affirmed. But there are still uneven progress in the work of individual enterprises, such as illegal new steel production capacity. The next step, to guide the country and the central enterprises in strict accordance with the standards of elimination of backward production capacity surplus this year to resolve the task to carry out inspection, the relevant departments of the State Council in accordance with the standard organization acceptance checks, strict checks to ensure the capacity to really really back. In particular, must be resolutely eliminated backward production capacity, shall not engage in equal displacement. At the same time, with the overall capacity to ensure supply, price stability, safeguard peaks in winter and summer stable supply of coal. Two to do in-depth and meticulous placement of workers, urging local strict use of central supplemental funds raised, matching funds, staff training and social security costs of cohesion, build more entrepreneurial platform, broaden the employment and re employment channels, to increase the difficulty of employment assistance. Three to support the production of steel coal producing regions will go to the capacity and industrial layout optimization, transformation and upgrading of the combination, to further implement the financial policies to maintain pressure, continue to encourage other advantages such as Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and steel enterprises increased merger and restructuring efforts. As soon as possible to the production capacity of the relevant debt disposal, asset disposal and other policy measures. Four to strengthen the performance appraisal, to resolve the elimination of backward production capacity of the outstanding achievements of local and enterprises to give praise, to strengthen supervision and supervision of poor work. According to the Hebei Anfeng steel company before construction is approved, the construction side edge batch steel project, Jiangsu Xinyi small steel production and sales of land of steel such as wind and illegal, seriously interfere with the normal production and operation order, the State Council decided to send an investigation team, be severely punished severely, the relevant responsible person accountable accountable, and publicly informed of the results of the investigation and handling.
              Meeting that, to further reduce the administrative licensing and identification of occupation qualifications, professional skills to carry out the evaluation of more play the role of the market, is an important manifestation of the transformation of government functions, to stimulate the market and social vitality, promote employment and entrepreneurship. The meeting decided that since 2014 has been canceled in six batches of vocational qualifications on the basis of the 114, and then cancel the temporary tour guides, restaurant waiters, cleaners and other professional qualifications of the licensing and identified matters of the year 319. So far, the State Council departments set up vocational qualification has been canceled more than 70%. For the rest of the professional qualification as soon as possible to develop a list of directories and to the public, the list shall not be allowed to set up vocational qualification and identification. At the same time, it is necessary to develop professional standards and evaluation standards, and actively promote the enterprise and industry organizations to carry out independent evaluation of skills for professionals to build market-oriented career development channels.
              For Combating Unfair Competition in accordance with the law, protect the legitimate rights and interests of operators and consumers, to create a fair market environment favorable to entrepreneurship and innovation, "the People's Republic of China meeting of the Anti Unfair Competition Law (Revised Draft)". The draft full definition of unfair competition law, added to combat commercial bribery, strengthen the protection of commercial secrets and the Internet in the field of anti unfair competition and other regulations, strengthen the civil liability for violations of the law, increase the credit punishment and administrative punishment. The meeting decided to draft the NPC Standing committee.
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